Core Excel Enterprises invest in stocks and bonds as well as oil, in return we invest in our communities. If you want to succeed in anything you have to put a lot of effort and time into it and investing is no exception. The Financial Dictionary defines the most important terms every investor must know, common shares also known as stocks one of the mainstream ways to invest is to put your money in. 

An unprecedented pullback in oil could spell opportunity for long-term investors. Car sales and gasoline demand have been high in China, even as the transition from an industrial to consumer economy has caused diesel demand there to slump. U.S. drivers are covering more miles. Overall, the International Energy Agency (IEA) expects global oil demand to rise from an average of 94.6 million barrels per day to a record 95.8 million barrels.

[ ADOMANI Inc. ] 

will be leveraging GreenPower Motor Company’s expertise in developing and manufacturing a range of all-electric buses to supply increasing demand for clean powered transit solutions that are capable of fulfilling California emissions targets and stringent performance needs. ADOMANI will bring 50 GreenPower zero emission school buses into the state in 2016 and an additional 100 in 2017. The arrangement between ADOMANI and GreenPower allows for additional bus sales in the future and the opportunity to expand into new states.


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