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Derrick E. Shaw
Founder CEO/President
Core Excel Enterprises

Michael A. Anthony

Co-Founder CFO/Chairman

Core Excel Enterprises

Corporate insiders September 2016 Edition 

Core Excel Enterprises Road To Success (From)

4330 N Pershing Ave Stockton CA, to 245 Park Avenue New York NY 

By Dorinda Hudson September, 9th  2016


"We support and invest in creative people, effective institutions, and influential networks building a more poised, bountiful, and industrious world."


Core Excel Enterprises is a fund created for Revitalizing the Economy in Communities endeavoring to achieve sustainable development that balances a community’s well-being and economic vitality. Founders Derrick E. Shaw and Michael A. Anthony; "We seed the early stage projects across diverse sectors. We invest in education, real estate development, renewable energy projects, aviation, technology, and much more." Core Excel Enterprises is composed to invest into a diverse portfolio of projects and businesses both domestically in the United States, as well as serving the international market place.  Core Excel Enterprises commissioned to provide the necessary capital to facilitate growth, refinancing, purchasing of various asset based transactions. +Read More:


Founded in 2005; Core Excel Enterprises expertise is in a vast array of industries, there for allowing the fund to capitalize in projects whereby the conventional marketplace hasn’t been present over the past years.  Our management team at Core Excel Enterprises is as diverse as the fund itself.  Various disciplines of the founding members in multiple industries provides years of experience, knowledge and in depth market analysis, poising Core Excel Enterprises to react quickly and efficiently providing the clients with creative solutions to today’s financial obstacles. "Investing in our community is investing in our youth."

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